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Countertop Measurement

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from prospective customers about our services. If you don't see the answer to your question here, contact us.

  • What colors do you offer?
    Residential Bath, Inc offers a variety of colors. With the custom color-matching technology from our coating suppliers, we can match any color request.
  • Why can't I just refinish my own tub with a DIY kit from the store?
    You could, but it most likely won't come out the way you envisioned. These kits usually have you apply a standard paint product with a brush or roller. The end result has brush marks, streaks, or worse. The tubs look horrible. Most DIY kits use an epoxy coating that can take up to 5 days to dry and yellows significantly over time. The mirror-like finish you really want cannot be achieved without proper training, experience, and professional spray equipment.
  • How does the new finish compare to the original finish?
    The new finish will have the same appearance and feel as the old finish. We use a proprietary coating that bonds directly to the tub.
  • Will my refinished bathtub smell like it has been painted?
    Our technicians come equipped with full ventilation systems to expunge the fumes that do naturally occur with the use of solvents. You may notice a slight odor, but this typically dissipates within a few hours.
  • Does the refinishing done by Residential Bath, Inc. offer a warranty or guarantee?"
    Residential Bath, Inc offers an industry leading 5 years limited written warranty for all of our work. Most refinishing companies offer warranties which are pro-rated, meaning coverage decreases incrementally over time. Unlike these warranties, our guarantee covers 100% of any defect in workmanship or materials throughout the entire 5 years of the guarantee.
  • How long do we need to wait before using the tub or counters?
    You can use your tub within 36-48 hours.
  • What if my fixture is damaged?
    Damaged fixtures are one of the most frequent reasons customers hire us. We can fix many of the most common problems.
  • My previously refinished tub is peeling. What happened?
    The likely culprit are shortcuts taken during the preparation process. Poor preparation can weaken the bond between the tub and topcoat. We meticulously prepare the surface so the bond is super strong resulting in years of use.
  • Can you make repairs too?
    We can fix cracks, rust, scratches, dull spots, chips, pits, and discoloration in the refinishing process. Kitchen counter tops with knife cuts, scratches, burns, and chips will also look like new.
  • My fiberglass tub/shower cracked. Can you fix it?
    Yes we can! We have several options available. The best method matches the severity of the damage. Call us. We will discuss the damage you have and recommend the proper solution.
  • How long does it take?
    Most jobs are finished within 3-4 hours.
  • Is "re-glazing" the same as "refinishing"?"
    Yes, some areas of the country use different terms.
  • How do I care for and clean my refinished bathtub?
    Refinished bathtubs are often easier to clean than the original product. Use a mild, non-abrasive cleaning product. As with new bathtubs, the finish or shine can be dulled by bleach or harsh abrasive cleaners. (Heavy duty cleaners are not recommended due to potential damage).
  • What bathroom and kitchen surfaces can be refinished?
    Tubs, wall tile, sinks, vanity tops, showers and shower bases, cultured marble, Formica or tile counter tops, cast iron porcelain, pressed steel enamel, fiberglass, and acrylic.
  • How long will the refinished surface last?
    The durability of a bathtub refinished by a Residential Bath, Inc technician is very similar to that of a brand new bathtub. If properly maintained and no abrasive chemicals are used for cleaning, it will last you many years just as a brand new bathtub would.


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